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This is a list of the various stock market related acronyms I use mostly on my Twitter page. Please refer to the list to better understand my tweets and stock ideas.
In this article I will explain to you how your real world stock market win rate and the amount of trading opportunities can be used to calculate a reasonable maximum risk per trade.
Want to find all the high flying growth stocks before they take off like we do? Then you have to learn to treat stock picking as art and stop forcing it.
As a trader you always seek the dialogue with the market and you must keep the communication alive at all costs. Stock chart reading is today's equivalent to tape reading and is therefore the primary tool at the disposal of any technical trader.
What I present here is a straight forward and sensible bottom-up position sizing approach which you better implement immediately if you are still sticking to pointless fixed values in your trading.
Learn to create a stock trading routine to sync yourself with the markets and create powerful trading ideas on the fly! A routine is not about stubbornly running screens and pasting ticker symbols into watchlists.
Learn my simple but effective stock screening technique to figure out where we are in the opportunity cycle and to help you time the US stock market.