We Love Roaming the Markets

by running a most effective, holistic stock trading routine.

…and we happen to help traders evolve

by sharing stock ideas & teaching our methodical process

Educational trading blog

We only write about the things that we do ourselves. Learn our techniques via in-depth blog articles.

Live market comment

Want to sync with the market? Follow my Twitter feed where I share daily market comments in real time.

Tradealyze app

A psychology and process oriented money management tool. Track & analyze your trades in an efficient way.

Coming soon

We focus on the process

Our swing trading strategy covers the whole spectrum and borrows proven ZEN principles. We like to call it ZYCLE! It helps you dodge the noise, tame your ego and profit from high potential growth stocks. Partly adopted and honed for over a decade, it provides us with an edge in the overanalyzed markets of the early 21st century.

Learn our style from A to Z

What do you think about todays superficial, quick fix, online trading education? Quite frankly, we can’t stand it! Expect us to share our hard learned stock market knowledge in a comprehensive and relatable way. While some techniques need years of practice (e.g. efficient chart reading), others can help you step up your trading right away.

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