A German Duo Tackling the Financial Markets since ’09

First make sure that our philosophies align. If not, please look elsewhere for guidance!


We follow a discretionary swing trading approach focussed heavily on technical chart reading which we call Zycle. It evolved into a holistic process where we tune out the noise and perform in the present.


We are advocates of proper teaching. Our task is to provide guidance in developing a winning methodology and to offer you assistance in trade selection and handling as long as needed but not longer.


We do what we love and follow our passion. We have a burning desire to beat the markets and financial freedom is a welcome sideeffect. Money is a tool to employ, no need to mindlessly accumulate it.

Stay a while and listen…

We are self taught traders and we willingly share our decade long journey to become profitable traders. We stumbled into the financial markets by accident and never looked back. While on the road, we ran into many obstacles and had to alter direction numerous times. However, we managed to always fail forward by following sound principles from the start. Our story illustrates our process of relearning ingrained human behaviour in order to prosper in the markets.

Can we be trusted?

I am tweeting my real time market thoughts daily since 2013. I also have no problems admitting when ideas fail. The ideas we share under the umbrella of the stock ideas service will be tracked. I’ll share my own YTD portfolio performance a couple times a year but I won’t rub it in and I am not willing to reveal my net worth online. There is only so much we can do to make you trust us. When I am not sure if a person can be trusted I always ignore what they say and only focus on their actions.

But ultimately deciding to trust us or any other trading mentor is your task and your sole responsibility which you can’t pass to someone else. We do our part by being transparent and sharing what we do ourselves. You can follow and make our stuff your own but we won’t try to lure you in. By running a charged service I can control the size of the audience which sees my stock ideas, create a steady income stream to cover running costs and do something meaningful with my hard learned skills.

Distinguishing good advice from bad is a skill you need to develop early on in life.

Some more about our trading style

We are trading the stock market with a discretionary approach based on technicals & fundamentals with over a decade of experience under our belts. Our style is heavily influenced by well known price and volume traders such as Richard Wyckoff, William O’Neil and Gil Morales. We treat stock picking as art and portfolio management as science. As artists we catch sharp entries in oftentimes non-obvious stock ideas, while the scientist makes sure to stack the odds of coming out ahead by applying advanced portfolio techniques.

Engaging in high potential growth stocks right before the take-off is where we excel at. By routinely realizing partial profits into strength we manage to let short term swing trades transform into longer term position trades naturally. We are not day traders and almost all setups are perfectly actionable at the opening bell with logical stops in place. Once you can watch the markets intraday, there are techniques to further reduce risk and boost profits. Our method doesn’t rely on external input at all. The more you isolate yourself from the unbearable noise of financial-media the faster you will travel on the learning curve. All you need to pull it off is a charting terminal, a stock screener
and a good broker. 

The general time horizon for our trades lies between a couple days, weeks or even months, depending on the market environment.

Our style clearly suit both, part-time and full-time traders alike. Furthermore it exploits the various advantages of trading a “smaller” private accound compared to a billion dollar fund.

Some more about our teaching philosophy

We are self-taught traders and it just happens that we love to educate others with the goal of speeding up the steep learning curve of profitable stock trading. With our background as an R&D engineer and a high-level IT-guy, we approach trading from a totally non-financial perspective. We don’t try to outsmart the markets, instead we utilize our specialized, non-financial skill set to extract profits from an objective, rational and fact-based point of view. With our educational website we aim at creating a common thread for you to follow by covering all aspects of trading.

Freely quoted from Bruce Lee, we adopted what worked, modified it to suit our risk allowance and added our own twists and tweaks. We believe that today’s superficial online teaching and social trading is a step backwards. We also believe that one can quickly grow his trading capabilities and turn net profitable if in-depth information is delivered in a comprehensive and relatable way. Thweis is more than just picking stocks. It is a method you can adopt as a whole and make it your own or you can just cherry pick individual techniques to complement your approach to the markets.

You learn, we earn.

However, our motivation is not a monetary gain, we want to earn credibility for our honest effort to teach you to trade independently without the noise and voodoo clinged to it. We promise you that we won’t keep any secret sauce for ourselves. In an perfect world you follow our service for a while, accumulate quality practice hours and then cut yourself loose for good once you learned how to fish!

We are confident that our expertise helps you turn our long journey to trading success into your short one.

Some more about our approach to life

We are both not much focussed on material things, let alone accumulating excess wealth. Trading has never been a last resort for us because we are both well educated and been doing financially fine. Trading caught my interest out of nowhere a decade ago and I quickly developed a burning desire to beat the markets. That passion never faded and still motivates me to improve up to this day. In my honest opinion the only goals worth striving for in life are those you can’t buy. For me this means to earn the love and respect of a small group of people, to climb as hard as I can and to beat the stock markets to continuously support my living. I also consider sharing hard learned knowledge as
something worth striving for.

“The purpose of money is not to have it, but to use it. The main reason to earn money is to make experiences possible for oneself.” -Stuart Wilde-

We use money as a tool to simplify our lives and to be independent so that we can spend more time doing what we love. If you chase after money, chances are you will never have much of it and that you will dearly regret going for such a low goal once your hourglass is running dry. This also means that if you don’t enjoy the journey of learning how to trade, then there is no point spending quality years actually doing it.

Time is our most precious resource and we have to make sure to spend it wisely and not recklessly trade it away (pun intended).

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