Are your setups and red flags applicable to indexes and ETFs?

My setups work very well when working with daily and weekly charts within my normal time horizon raning from days to months. Index ETFs or passive trading in general are dominated by huge funds (e.g. pension funds) or other big operators with very long time horizons. The techniques will likely work to a degree but if it’s good enough to create a working trading system is something I don’t know as I never gathered any data in that regard.

If someone tries to apply the techniques I am very interested in the data!

In general all of the techniques I use are based on psychology and therefore should work wherever humans are involved. Timing plays a very important role in trading and if timing is off it can push a otherwise working system into the abyss easily.

Here a correlated question about the applicability of my techniques on an intraday level thus covering the other side of the timing spectrum.


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