Can you please show your Volume-by-Price settings?

The volume-by-price indicator is called Volume Profile in Tradingview. I call the peaks in the profile “Peak Liquidity Levels” or short PLL. My way of reading and interpreting this indicator requires a very high price resolution. Tradingview allows to have 5000 increments on any given price axis and is still relatively fast with the background calculation. The indicator loses a lot of it’s significance if the exact levels can’t be pin-pointed due to a insufficient resolution. I used to distinguish between bearish and bullish volume but this info did not help me identify the path of least resistance in any consistent manner, hence I dropped it.

Here you can learn some more about how I personally read and interpret the volume-by-price indicator aka PLL.

And here some infos about how to scale your charts in order to get a deeper insight about the strength and importance of the respective PLLs.

Where to find it in Tradingview (They did a great job at hiding it in plain view):

My settings:


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