Do you invest as well in addition to your post and swing trades?

Full Question: Do you invest as well in addition to your post and swing trades, meaning, long term investments (held for several years for growth and dividends)? If so, what percentage of your overall $ in financial instruments (%) do you have in longer term investments?

I do invest in bitcoin since 2017 but other than that I follow my swing/position trade system. I don’t have to make a deliberate decision if a trade is a swing or position. I simply enter my proven setups with reasonable position sizes based on the chart at hand and then handle the trade according to my ruleset. This ruleset automatically turns a trade in either a short swing trade or multi-month position trade. The multi-month positions are then held ( sometimes with smaller size as a core position) for as long as they remain valid (no red flags etc.)

$TSLA is a good example. I hold a core position since may 20th 2019 when the stock bounced off the lower box boundary. This is basically an investment if you differentiate between swing (short term), position (intermediate term) and investing (multi-year; long term) based on holding duration. I traded $TSLA heavily on top of the core position a couple times since then.

Dividends don’t play any role in my trading as I trade strictly for profit from the price moves of the underlying stock. If a long term core position shows a major red flag I will run for the exit. I would never ever sit in a drawdawn in order to reap dividends. However dividends do play a role in taxation and it’s more work for me so I try to avoid them if I can.

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