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Do you have real time data on TradingView and broker?

Full question: Do you subscribed to real time data both on TradingView(TV) and Interactive Brokers(IB)? Given that your realtimesignals/alerts are generated from TV, realtime market data subscription is not necessary on IB. Of course, with market data subscription comes more convenience, appreciate if you can share what’s your optimal configuration when it comes to execution.

Good question. I subscribed to real time data in TradingView*, Finviz* and my InteractiveBrokers Workstation. I do all the charting in Tradingview due to the speed advantage but I always check the higher quality broker data before making a trading decision. Tradingview can have price anomalies from time to time. They occur infrequently but it happens. Never had such problems with the market data via Interactive Brokers and their TWS (TraderWorkStation). Real time data on Finviz is very important because it allows me to get the real time watchlist alerts. *: referral links


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