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Now seriously, how do you manage to catch all those monster swing trades right before the take-off?

The trick is to just enter setups when they show up in real time. I may get stopped out a couple times before hitting the homerun. When I hit it I brag about it on twitter while I sweep the stop loss hits needed to ‘nail’ it under the carpet. Joke aside, my typical 20 trade rolling winrate fluctuates between 25 and 45% most of the time. When I am actively seeking an entry I often experience stop loss hits. However those stops are very small.

Doing it that way isn’t needed and you always walk a fine line between improving your entry price and overtrading. When you can’t watch markets intraday you simply enter with your regular stop loss. However when we talk about quiet and tight setups popping up during prolonged sideways action some can fail and it can indeed require one or two stop loss hits before the stock -and market- give you green light.


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