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How to export from Finviz screener to Tradingview

original question: Made the switch to TradingView (TV) & FinViz (FV). Please can you tell me if there is a way to export results from a FV custom screen including both the ticker symbol & the exchange it is traded on as required by TV?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. After screening you click on “save as portfolio”. When the portfolio opens you click on “open in screener” again. This makes all tickers appear in the ticker input field seperated by a comma. You can now copy that list into a .txt file and import it in Tradingview.
  2. After screening in Finviz you only display the ticker in your custom display and export that list as a .csv. Open the .csv in excel and change the type from number to text. Now import that .csv in Tradingview.

I actually never do this as I screen in Finviz and then go over the charts manually and add only selected stocks to my Tradingview watchlist. I don’t see the need to import a large list of tickers into your watchlist anyway. If you have to do this on a regular basis you better switch to a different screener as both Finviz and Tradingview have bad synergy in that regard. Or maybe use the Tradingview screener. My advise is to screen wide and then go over the individual charts one by one. While living the process you will quickly figure out that you may only find a couple fresh ideas each week. If you “find” 50 stocks a week you either search too hard or you just started and don’t have a well maintained watchlist yet.


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