When you say “this is a good day to scan for #QTS”. How do you know that?

The answer is probably a lot more simple than what you expect. A quiet and tight setup (QTS) is not a one day signal! It happens when a shallow and constructive pullback pattern into support plays out nicely and then turns tight compared to the prior daily range of the stock with volume disappearing. This tells you that sellers are out of the way. Once buying kicks in price will rise quickly.

So I know when to scan for #QTS once I see multi-day or even multi-week quiet and tight setups unfolding in front of my eyes. More often then not this takes place during market pullbacks when volume is running low across the board. The act of scanning is then only a matter of finding that quiet and tight day which can act as the catalyst for a price explosion.

You will get a feel for this when you go through your charts daily.


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