pyramid of stock trading success.

The Pyramid of Stock Trading Success

When you start out in the markets, make sure to have a strong foundation in place to improve the odds of reaching early profitability. This means to first focus on the methodologies which give you the most bang for your buck.

pyramid of stock trading success.

Read charts and learn the language of the market

As a trader you always seek the dialogue with the market and you must keep the communication alive at all costs. Stock chart reading is today’s equivalent to tape reading and is therefore the primary tool at the disposal of any technical trader.

How to create an efficient stock market routine

Learn to create a stock trading routine to sync yourself with the markets and create powerful trading ideas on the fly! A routine is not about stubbornly running screens and pasting ticker symbols into watchlists.

A money management technique to beat your ego

Avoid the psychological pitfalls in stock portfolio management by applying a capped portfolio approach. This money management technique allowed me to boost profits and added a ton of stability to my stock trading.

capped portfolio approach

A Brief Demystification Of the Stock Market

Wall Street has hidden agendas and you (the trader) are not the good guy either. In order to make money trading stocks you have to learn to navigate the financial landscape and accept your own role in this giant machinery.

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